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Historical Museum - Samokov

Samokov is a mountain town, situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains Vitosha, Rila, Verila Plan and Ihtiman forest. The village existed during the Roman Empire. End Shishmanovo gorge in Lakatish Rila found early Christian basilica and monastery complex that were burned during VI-VII century. The name "Samokov" comes from the huge hammers driven by water power - Samokov, which has worked in the blacksmith shops. Ore mining in the region is developed on the model of Saxon miners, which enterprising locals contacted the far XIV century.

During the Renaissance in the city creates a unique art school. It was founded by Hristo Dimitrov, and its prominent representatives are his sons - brothers Zachary and Dimitar Zograph Nicolas Obrazopisov Stanislav Dospevski and others. Tehnikartini, icons and documents are stored in the art department of the Historical Museum of Samokov, which has more than 3500 samples.

The museum was founded by local artists in 1930 and was originally housed in the library building. Beautiful building, which today houses the museum was designed by architect. Jordan Jordanov from the late 30s, with construction completed in 1943 prepared the first exhibition of the museum's ethnographic and it collected a variety of jewelry, clothing, textiles and textile products and other articles of household samokovlii. Very interesting exhibit there is the first printing press of the founder of pechatarstvotou us - Nikola Karastoyanov.Izlozhbata is shown in public for the first time in 1938

In the courtyard of the historic museum is arranged small lapidarium outdoors, one of which exhibits a trakorimskiya sarcophagus II-III century ensemble complement sculptures Zahari and Nicolas Karastoyanov.