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Population is Christian. Bulgarian cuisine is typical of western Bulgaria and mountain areas.

Nowadays the village has become a magnet for investment. Driving from Samokov to the village Chalets along the river you can see the results of many initiatives - small guest houses, resorts, small hotels, places to eat and shopping. All of these sites are located near the beautiful places in the region and are ready to serve the increasing number of tourists who visit the Rila and its valleys.

According to tradition and memories of some old people (Dancho Nachov) settlement dates after 1600. Went there - some gold - in the area Gyulechitsa - (gallery opened 1932. Accidentally by hunters, which employs miners - Magyars (Hungarians). Having become unprofitable mine, miners spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, and some returned to Hungary . Chompalo - one of the miners initially settled on Tasharski ford - the road to Sofia Iskar dam before. therefore, that it was not given to deal with agriculture and farming, he moved to the free space between the Serbian village (Minor church) and Matsakurovo, Dospey neighborhood and Somonovtsi united in Samokov today. Residents of neighboring villages called settlers - Magyar and hence - the name of the settlement - Madzhare.Chompalo had five sons - Velichko, strips, flowers, Ivancho and Pido, who gave birth individual families in the village.

In Liberation village numbered 12-20 houses that are located in the upper part of the village - today's Upper neighborhood. The main occupation of the population becomes logging, cattle and very little agriculture. People are poor people live in their little poky houses lived with pets - pens are prilepnati to houses - fences did not exist if you do not believe accumulated around the houses branches, which in winter serves to feed the sheep. Despite the high poverty, too many religious people to work building the church "St. Spas" - 1905. In 1920, active and studious villagers decided to build a school. Village of Madjare it closely for the increased population and almost every family began building pens 10 km to the west, in the area Lakatitsa to be able to use the wide pastures.

According to legend, its inhabitants were 3-4 home Magyars originally lived where Tatar - Gichin (Tatar ford), but because he does brigandage there were displaced here. This thing saglesyava with the aforementioned document (deed of Ahmed Pasha), but the legend puts the resettlement of prisoners Chalets later than that of the Serbs, though of course in the XVI century. New settlers Chalets been ceded Measure from the village church and Minor Govedarci that you compensate by Dospey neighborhood. Thus, the boundary between the two villages The settlement was Garkovitsa river and then became Yurushka River. Of 1852 the village was 17 houses, 16 of 1873 houses 69 male population, 1900 - 252 people on 1910 - 303 1920 - 363 of 1926 - 453.
Important places in the vicinity are: Okada Stone, Aydar apparent Zlatkova utoka etc. shrines are: holy water, one at Ivova River, another at Barzanovi govedarnitsi in Beltsinitsa etc.

In Turkish times villagers sekli pine logs 2 m long, install them to dry in the figures and in March the soil to burn coal in yards and time Summer Forest. Private forest paid 2-3 pennies per year cleaver. Coal drove of horses because Neman roads. The bottom line with the Turks as masters finished this soil shivering, but villagers outstanding.
The village is situated on the right shore of the Black Iskar, in a hollow reserved by Vetter betrothed Resort. Now (about 1928) is a state forest industry. The village has a new, beautiful church, built of 1896, the school also has a new built 2-3 years ago (about 1925-26 years).


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altitude: 1100 m

population: 302 inhabitants