Guest house Advel

Guest houses in Rila Mountain

+359 887041515, +359 885203773

Mountain guides

Ml.Katrandzhiev French and English - tel 0885688775

Vasil Vasilev - tel 0898604201


Ski teachers

Ski school "lizard" - Anton Gushterov - tel 0886097356

Mechit rest house - an opportunity for horse riding


• Skiing, snowboarding and other extreme winter sports
• Hiking - an excellent starting point for many hiking trails that lead to Malyovitza, Mechit, proximity to lodges and natural phenomena, some of which are the Seven Rila Lakes and about twenty alpine lakes
• Fishing on the river near the village Madjare or the Iskar lake, which is just 19 km away.
• Off-road - lovers of off-road experience will enjoy the incredible terrain and routes. Not in vain in Samokov valley and the surroundings of Lakatitsa and Madjare conducted many competitions Off-road in Bulgaria.
• Ability to use Rent a car or driver.
• Riding a bike, quad or motor winter sled
• Rock climbing
• Mountaineering
• Guidance
• Cycling
• Take off with riding
• Photo-tourism
• Water sports, sailing, kayaking, surfing and extreme jet and water skiing on the nearby Lake Iskar
• Treatment with mineral water Separeva Belchinski bath or spa
• Many historical monuments - ancient settlement in Nadaritsa dating from Roman times, many preserved historical monuments and other landmarks - churches, monasteries and chapels
• Picnic

• Villages around Borovets

• For village Minor Church

Minor Village Church is located 10 km from Samokov and is inhabited by only 494 people. It is situated at the northern foot of Rila 1200 meters altitude. The village has a very beautiful face of nature, very pleasant walks along the river. It leads to a place called "Pessac" where the river disappears into the bowels of the earth and reappears on the surface only after a few hundred meters. The village can be seen and preserved from the XVI century church "St. St. Peter and Paul ", which during the Ottoman rule was completely buried in the ground.
In July Minor Church held the feast of the water.


• For village Madjare

Madjare is located 11 km away from Samokov. It is popular for its beautiful scenery, vast pine forests, steep and rocky sections, which makes it especially attractive for mountaineering and people with inclinations to extreme winter sports. One of the landmarks of the village is the church "Ascension".


• For village GOVEDARTSI

In addition to attractive opportunities for skiing, Borovets offers village, it is very suitable for winter and summer tourism with its geographical location. Located in the zone for the Rila National Park, along the river Cherni Iskar. Over the valley is Mount Maliovitsa village is one of the starting points for reaching it. Depart from their village hut routes Vada (2 hours walk), hut Mechit (1 hour), hut Hunting (3:00) hut and Maliovitsa Mountain School (on the way to the cabin and in the area Ovnarsko).

Nearby, you can visit several monasteries and churches and in Vada Hut can be reached and the Seven Rila Lakes.


• For Belchin

The resort Belchinski bathrooms is located only 10km from Samokov and is known for its healing mineral water. The waters have a temperature of about 40 degrees, and have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system and some skin diseases. In the center of the village has built complex with swimming pool, mini futbulno and volleyball court.


• For village Beli Iskar

Beli Iskar is located 7 km from Smokov and is located at the foot of Mount Musala. From here leave scenic routes to Musala and one of the most beautiful eco-trails "Beli Iskar". The trail starts just after the end of the village. The route is "closed" along the Beli Iskar and passed for more than two and a half hours. The valley is narrow gorges and river landscape, rock formations, pine forests. The entire length of the river has seven bridges. Lots are picnic areas.


• For Iskar lake

Iskar lake is named after the eponymous river, which takes care of vodosnavdyavaneto Sofia. It is the largest in area in Bulgaria and is located only 15 km from Borovets. This is perhaps one of the most popular places for fishing in the region around Sofia. Fishermen, however, lovers of water sports will also feel at home. There are sailing, kayaking, surfing and extreme jet and water skiing. The best time for fun on the lake from May to October.